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The origin of Yi-Lai's name

Yilede registered with the Trade and Industry Bureau in 2006, the company named before the registration of the matter is given to the technical director.

He is a technical cow, then has been engaged in anode development and development for nearly 20 years, and titanium anode professional English is very proficient in foreign famous periodicals published more than 30 professional papers.

Technical director know the name, must see the main product is related to, then selected some English words to get inspiration.

Electrochemical (electrochemical) and anode (anode) are the key words that are left after layers of filtering.

From Electro to pick out El, from anode to choose Ade, together is Elade, just in line with my company titanium anode product characteristics, flavor easy, concise meaning, Chinese name transliteration for Yilede.

The company logo in the design, to electro first letter E for reference, with the color of the different colors of the two "E" intertwined with each other, symbolizing the company staff work together, a total of the boat.

Yilede logo icon is also formally applied for the national registered trademark.

When the technical director took to Xi ' an high-tech zone industry and Commerce Administration Register, found that there have been some not the same industry units have been called Elade, and the company's products are new materials, so add new materials.

So the full name of the company came out: Shaanxi Yi-de new Materials Technology Co., Ltd., and successfully registered on September 8.

10 years, Yilede in the sea ups and downs, courageously struggle, Yong Deng technology peak, become the industry's excellent benchmarking and word-of-mouth enterprises!

And Yilede as a unique meaning of the factory name, will also accompany the Yi Levin people continue to create one after another brilliant.