2008 First Quality Management knowledge competition ended successfully

2008 the company organized the first Quality management knowledge competition, mainly to titanium anode product knowledge, quality management knowledge, production technology, etc. mainly.

All departments selected two contestants to compete, in order to prepare for this competition, our company electrician specially designed the answer device, let the contestants can carry on the fair competition.

Competition on the field, the various departments of the players are ready, and sometimes serious, sometimes unrestrained and comfortable, especially the answer link, with the buzzer and the noise,

The atmosphere of the competition was high and the contestants and the staff watching were enthusiastic.After three rounds of competition, finally, the technical quality department with overwhelming advantage to win the first prize.

The leadership of the company to give a high degree of affirmation, and hope that such games continue to relay, so that more professional staff,

More understanding of the company's products and processes, the company has a deeper understanding, so that the whole company staff to establish a sense of quality management.