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With a dream to find a place close to the sky-2015 Employees Qinghai Lake tour

At the beginning of August 2015, summer Italy is strong, Yi Lai de technology organized excellent staff to travel to Qinghai Lake,

With the blue sky, white clouds, mountains, grasslands fantasy, a pedestrian set out …

All the way along the West Treasure high-speed, after a 11-hour long journey, and finally successfully arrived in Xining City, Qinghai,

Here sullenness, the wind is high, 2295 meters above sea level, but there is no plateau discomfort, a pedestrian mood cheerful.

After a little rest adjustment, to yearn for a long time on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, "near the sky" place-Qinghai Lake.

Qinghai Lake, Tibetan "Blue sea", not well-known, endless, lake waves rippling, the lake and the sky into a line, integrated into one, not so much a lake, it is the sea.

Here are the world's most famous nature reserves-island, national two protection animal Huang fish, rich, is a natural treasure.

The August Qinghai Lake, unexpectedly opened full of yellow rape, a round, a cluster, not the slightest trace of artificial sowing, so natural.

A group of people standing in the rape field, fragrant and refreshing."Photo Mania" mobile phones, cameras do not stop at all, in the "photographer" Cheng professional guidance, a variety of movements,

Even the usual stern Liu manager can not help but take a few pictures of souvenir photo … There is such a pure land, can let people forget the busy work, the world of annoyance.


On the second day of the trip, go to the Tibetan Buddhist kumbum.Entering the Incense Pagoda Temple with awe,

The heart is increasingly out of the world, devout believers, quiet temples, lifelike Buddha statues, heavy Buddhist culture, deeply baptized.

Situated on the slope of the temple is scattered, each other, magnificent.For the growth of people living in inland areas, it is true to see the exotic, ethnic, religious style.

Travel time is always very fast, tea card Salt Lake Sunrise, the legend of the day of the hill has not been erased in the mind, the beautiful journey is about to end …

Back on the way, scenery is also beautiful, after Gansu Maijishan, then went to a probe, but every rainy, weather,

Several ladies were left waiting outside the door, and senior travel enthusiasts went in the rain to Maijishan hinterland,

The shadow of the umbrella disappeared in the mountains of smoke …

   Along the way, enjoy the different scenery, taste the characteristics of food, a line of 12 people, tired but happy, harvest …

Goodbye, Qinghai Lake, Goodbye, Sacred Pure Land, lovely people …