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Titanium anode for seawater desalination

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Seawater desalination is the process of using seawater desalination to obtain fresh water.Methods the seawater freezing method, electrodialysis method, distillation method and reverse osmosis method were used.Electrodialysis method of seawater desalination has the advantages of convenience, high efficiency and low consumption, known as a widely used method, the current scope of application include sea water desalination, cooling tower water treatment, circulating water treatment.
Electrode material is one of the key components of electrodialysis desalination.This electrode material requires both the ability to oxidize and the ability to restore, that is, can do both anode and cathode, but the general electrode materials can not meet this requirement.For example, graphite electrodes are corrosive and have a shorter working life. At present, the ideal electrode is titanium base containing iridium precious metal oxide coating Yang is the best, not only to meet the requirements of the reverse electrode, but also has a lower over potential, with power-saving performance, the service life is also more than the general ruthenium iridium coated metal anode long.

Product Detail

Electro dialysis technology can change the brackish water whose salt content is as high as 60g / L into drinking water, to solve the drinking water shortage problem for desert areas; titanium anode is one of the core components for this technology.

Electrodialysis desalination technology is widely used in food, light industry for water purify; electronics, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries of high purity water pretreatment; boiler feed water primary softening desalination; sea water desalination to drinking water and some chemical products desalination.

Titanium anode for seawater desalination

Titanium anode for seawater desalination details:

Base material: pure titanium TA1,TA2

Coating: ruthenium, iridium, Platinum (based on customer-supplied electrode using environment and life requirements selection)


1. High current efficiency and good energy saving effect
2. Strong corrosion Resistance
3. After the active layer is inactivated, it can be coated and the matrix can be reused.
4. Long service life of electrodes
5.  light weight, good dimensional stability