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Anode for water heater corrosion prevention

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Yilede after years of painstaking research, the use of small external current protection system, the protection of the liner and DC power supply of the negative connection, through the auxiliary anode titanium anode to form a loop to the inner liner to exert a certain cathode current, so that it produces cathode polarization.When the potential of metal is negative to a potential, the corrosion anodic dissolution process can be effectively prepared, so as to achieve the protection of metals in an electrochemical protection method.

At the same time, the water heater has increased the titanium anode rod, can occur the electrolyte reaction.In the process of electrolysis, water is generated by electrolysis of hydroxyl, free State of oxygen and a small amount of ozone, these substances have strong oxidation, can be sterilized, dispel the odor in the water heater.

Product Detail

The Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) titanium Anode for water heater corrosion prevention provided by Elade as auxiliary anode, water heater works as cathode, they forms a protection system in the water of water heater which also service as conducting medium. When electricity pass through electrode, the Cl- in water moves towards anode and concentrate there, the Cl- in the cathode side will become dilution. The water heater tank as cathode in reductive environment, this can shorten the corrosion speed of tank and expand its life span.

Electrical water heater may leak water and electricity after using for a while, this is mostly for the reason that the magnesium rod is consumed but not replaced in time, the water heater tank become corrosion and perforation. In general, electric water heaters magnesium rod must be replaced every two years or less. Because of the water quality differences, some water heater may run out of use less than one year. Short life span, frequent replacement makes the cost increase. The principle reason of water heater tank corrosion is Cl- corrosion in water. The water quality all over China is different and it is difficult to find an efficient protection method.

Compare with traditional magnesium anode rod, this MMO water heater anode is of these advantages:

Longer operating life: 5-20 years, while magnesium anode is about 2 years;

Light weight than magnesium anode;

Solving the rotten-egg odor, while sacrificial anode can not;

Easy to maintain than  magnesium anode.

Water heater anode series:

MMO wire, MMO anode rod; platinized titanium anode plate or mesh;


Anode for water heater corrosion prevention


Small size;

Light weight:

Long service life;

Anti-fouling and odor removal;


Easy to install.

Application field:

Water tower etc.