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Yilede Technology patented product-flexible anode production line birth story

MMO Flexible Anode

Flexible anode products, English flexible Linear anode, because of the technical difficulty, the discipline span is big, the synthesis is strong, the product market access threshold is high,

Foreign countries in the late 80 to have such products, 2009 Yilede began to develop flexible anode patented technology, in foreign countries only 2 companies production.

This kind of product technology is still in the initial stage at home.In the 2011, the flexible anode production equipment and technology were successfully developed and designed.

The flexible anode developed by Yilede is a kind of buried auxiliary anode, which is made by a new polymer functional material, and is a type of cathodic protection with forced current method.

To protect the underground oil (gas) pipelines, underground tanks, chemical containers, such as not to be corroded or reduce corrosion.

The flexible anode can not only solve the problem of the old pipeline cathodic protection, but also can solve some traditional cathodic protection technical difficulties.

The products are divided into two kinds: the polymer cable anode based on nanometer special conductive carbon black composite technology and the flexible anode based on mmo/ti coating technology,

Both products have been successfully developed, but the latter application of the market is broader.

On March 8, 2011, the Science and technology SME Technology Innovation Fund Management Center issued

11C26216113695 Innovation Fund Certificate.On August 24, 2011, the patented invention was granted,

Authorized number ZL200910305969.9, independent research and development.

Yilede also applied for and obtained the XI ' an Science and Technology plan Project (innovation Project) and Shaanxi Province foreign trade and Economic Cooperation region coordinated development Promotion Fund project and so on several funds support.

May 2009, the technical manager began to lead the technical research and Development department to focus on this technology, determined to large quantities applied to the actual production,

To break the monopoly of foreign technology and realize the localization of technology.Although the difficulties were indeed great,

But the technical director has the confidence to have basic research and development plans and ideas and to win.

There is a reason for the self-confidence of technical cows.Technical director at that time has been engaged in anode development, development more than 20 years, has presided over and undertook the country 863,

Industry development and international cooperation, such as more than 10 projects, has been the provincial Science and Technology Progress Award 2, in domestic and foreign periodicals and conferences published more than 30 articles,

has a solid professional foundation and a wealth of new product development capabilities and production experience.

Technical research and Development department after full analysis, research and development progress as follows:

First stage:

Project Product market Research, theoretical research and laboratory research, collection, collation of data, purchase of necessary production and testing equipment, market development,

Product trial production.

Second Stage:

Continue to purchase related production equipment, improve the design process, improve product performance, and continue to promote product marketing.

Phase III:

According to user needs and on-site trial feedback, optimize product design process, expand production scale and sales outlets, organize personnel training, conduct series product development.

Phase IV: Mass production and sales.

At the beginning of research and development, Yi-Tak did a lot of design, only technical director of the design of the drawings reached 5 centimeters thick.Technical difficulties are subdivided one by one.

In order to overcome the technical difficulties, Yilede also invited a number of institutes and universities to collaborate.It was almost 2 trips a week,

To provide specific technical requirements and parameters for research and development of laboratories and universities, as well as on-site guidance.

With technical manager at that time at the meeting said: there is a need to travel, must travel, each detail must be resolved accurately.

At that time also encountered a particularly difficult problem, cooperative Research Institute told us, difficult, almost impossible to develop, the other side has given up efforts.

Yilede technician at that time Dog 3 times a week the institute, looking for Leadership and Research Institute for detailed communication and analysis feasibility,

With passion, sincerity, confidence and professionalism to inspire the other party's determination, and finally overcome the problem.

This is like a pioneering cattle, adhering to the pioneering, innovation, unity, dedication, easy to work with the development department and the courage to open up and struggle,

Sleep and sleep, often overtime to late at night, even without holidays, finally successfully developed a flexible anode technology and equipment, and batch production,

After the development, has become the industry leader in flexible anode production enterprises.