Yilede delegation to the United States to attend the 2016 NACE anticorrosion International Exhibition

Participate in the Exhibitionnace anticorrosion International Exhibition-corrosion 2017, held in New Orleans, USA, from March 26, 2017 to March 30.

As the world's largest anti-corrosion international exhibition, it provides the most professional and top-notch technical experience exchange and cooperation platform.

Yilede's booth number is 2020, and this exhibition is the 10th time for Yilede to attend.

Representatives of exhibitors and customers and the industry to carry out in-depth technical exchanges and communication.

The delegation to professional titanium anode technical knowledge and fluent oral communication has won the customers and the industry acclaim, and with the Department has the intention of the client to reach the initial cooperation intention.

Yilede Welcome to the anode products interested in all walks of life and industry colleagues to visit our factory, guidance, communication!