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We are together,We are family

In the autumn morning of October, All the staff of elade  went to the “huangbaiyuan” which scattered in the depths of the Qinling Mountains. Droved 6 hoursfrom Xian, after the 18 mountain  bends, and hiking for several hours, just finally arrived at this Wonderful view.

The scenery along the way, let people dizzying, peaks Jing, multicolored, everywhere the precious spruce trees, red birch, groups of pieces, constitute a autumn “drunk scenery map.”Comparable to large, do not use the United States map, without PS.The deeper walk, the scenery Yue Beautiful, the more fresh air.

The first day afternoon, to reach the big Arrow Ditch scenic area, along the canyon ditch has wooden plank road, walking on the Plank road, the autumn sun through the screen-like dense leaves, soft floating on the body, the ground, listening to the shallow singing of the autumn waters, such as gentle elegant veil, slowly flowing, let a person unexpectedly forget the time and harassment.
On the second day, the team drove for hours, reaching a more pristine forest with few visitors which more than 98% of the forest cover.Walking through the winding trails of fallen leaves, listen to the crisp birds, head-on blowing cheerful mountain, some colleagues can not help but shout up, shout it, shout out the heart of the unhappy, secular noise, spit out the lungs accumulated long haze, so that sufficient oxygen to nourish the lungs, nourish the heart ~ ~

Look at everyone, a variety of shooting posture, as if to leave nature in the camera, to rely on these memories for the winter.

This is a magical and careful place, because, on the way, you may encounter rare small animals ~ ~ ~ ~
May encounter “King of the Tower Lee” ~ ~ ~

Of course, also met the very inspirational persons ~ ~ ~ ~
On the way, encountered riding the motorcade, carefully inquire, unexpectedly is from Xi ‘ an ride more than 700 kilometers to here, but also with heavy equipment, hiking 5 hours, over several mountains, through the original forest, to weeks to the old county.Looking at the average age of more than 50, the riding team, suddenly, hearts filled with emotion ~ ~