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Helium leak detection technology reform, Yillede-Yong product quality

2007 is the business of easy to work on the right track and continuous development of the year, but also the production technology and product quality has climbed the year.

Yilede technology change, improve the product's sealing performance, mergers and acquisitions of helium leak detection equipment, flexible anode, probe anode and cathode tube and other related to copper wire, cable connection of the production of finished products.

Helium leak detection is carried out by positive pressure method to ensure the quality of sealing is up to the qualified standard.

Yin Bao System of titanium anode products have always been strict requirements, if water, chlorine ions and various types of acid-base chemicals into the anode inside, it is easy to corrode the anode product internal connection accessories, resulting in anode products can not be used,

In turn, the whole yin-bao project loses its effect.

Helium leak detection is the use of small helium molecules can easily enter those not detected by the naked eye of the hole, the use of monitoring equipment can detect leaks in the hole leakage of helium.

Yin Bao Industry in the traditional practice is the use of negative pressure method, helium leak detection, the disadvantage of the negative pressure is the anode part of the seal performance detection, and positive pressure method can be all regions of the anode leak detection.

Using the positive pressure method for helium leak detection, to ensure that the anode reached 100% sealing, improve the quality of the product for the entire yin-bao project on a safe and secure lock.

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