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Yilede First English Speech contest

English communication skills is currently one of the basic skills in the workplace, especially those who do foreign trade work, in order to improve the interest of the company's students and English proficiency

Yilede held its first English speech contest at the end of March and hired New Zealand professional foreign teacher Chris Brown as the judge.

This competition is divided into the self Proposition speech part and the question link, since the proposition request time in 3 minutes, the content positive upward, has no obvious grammatical error.

Divided into professional and unprofessional groups.

The competition is based on the selection of representatives of various departments as contestants.

The contestants are well-prepared, the speech is very emotional, the question link is answer.

CHRIS Brown was instructed and corrected for some contestants ' less standard pronunciation.

The contestants benefited from the intense and interesting competition

Liu Airiu to get the first place in the professional group, ruler first in the unprofessional.