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Gold-We do our best to deliver the customer

On April 18, 2012, the company received a trial order payment from a large foreign company, and the purchase of 8 MMO tubular Titanium anodes was used to test

Prepare for subsequent bulk purchases.

Customers are in urgent need of inspection, Yilede urgent customer's urgent commitment to 2 days delivery.

2 basis:

First, we have the raw material of titanium tube in stock.Reserves of best-selling raw materials, saving delivery time, this is easy to improve customer satisfaction over the years one of the conventions.

Second, has been in the recent production of large goods, can be together into the resistance furnace processing.Unexpectedly, on the morning of April 19, the other goods were completed in advance due to temporary rush.

This means that, in order to catch the April 20 delivery, it is necessary to bake the 8 tubes alone in the afternoon of the April 19 with a resistance furnace.

5 hours, the electricity bill is only 1000 yuan.What to do?Production director now decided: Although the order itself is only hundreds of U.S. dollars, the loss of delivery must catch up!

Goods are finished without problems, but customers have special packaging requirements.

PVC pipes and bubble pads are all purchased in advance, but cartons more than one metre long are hard to find (usually packed in wooden cases abroad),

The purchasing manager asked many suppliers and went to the packing market to find out.

Technical department colleagues provided cartons, but not long enough to finally find a very thick TV box.

After the packaging department colleagues of the skillful transformation, just right.

Yilede Packaging and shipping department but out of the name of the serious lord, after packaging department colleagues tailored,

The packaged goods were again praised by the customers and strengthened the confidence of further cooperation.

In this way, the company, together with the community once again completed the commitment to customer quality on time delivery.And the company's impairment and the middle of the difficulties, the customer is not aware of.

After that, it never seems to have happened, but we in the people of gold only want to practice these four words: "!