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Yilede officially incorporated-the dream is here to take off

September 8, 2006 Shaanxi Easy to Germany new Materials Technology Co., Ltd. in XI ' an high-tech zone industrial and commercial administration of the formal registration, the company will relocate to the new industrial park in Xi ' An, Xian, No. 32nd foreign exchange.is a business for MMO titanium anode, platinum-plated titanium anode, lead dioxide anode, other non-ferrous metal materials and deep-processing research and development, production and sales of High-tech enterprises.

The site is three floors, spacious and bright.In order to adapt to the increasing order business, expanding the number of production workers, employees work more passion, the scale of production doubled.At the same time of enterprise development, strengthen the internal management, the function is clear, the company is divided into the production department, the General Department, the sales department, the technical Quality department and the finance department.The company also continuously strengthens the enterprise culture construction, organizes each kind of staff activity, organizes the staff to travel, the staff drive multiplies.

Everyone like red sun-like entrepreneurial passion, the company step-by-step towards regularization, for Yilede today's vigorous development lay a good foundation, the dream is here to take off!