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"Learning and growing, never-ending"-Yilede first Knowledge competition

In order to improve the company's staff growth, enrich the cultural life of staff, Yi-ti anode on May 4, 2012, held a company knowledge competition activities.

The members of this competition are composed of the elites selected by each department.

Knowledge competition covers the company system, product knowledge, business knowledge, literature knowledge, domestic customs and other knowledge.

Also adds the interesting question and answer link, will the competition atmosphere again and again push the climax.

The highlight of the competition, by my company electrician specifically for the game design of the answer, to ensure that the game to answer the fairness of the link.

In the course of the competition, representatives of various departments are standing by, with professional knowledge, and won the applause from the audience.

After fierce competition, finally, the technical quality department with a slight advantage over the sales department won the championship.

The host announced the results of the competition, by the company's Wu manager for the award-winning department, and delivered a speech.

Wu Manager of this event has a high degree of affirmation, and stressed that the company staff in the active work at the same time, but also to constantly strengthen self-cultivation.

Continue to learn, our company to build a learning-oriented organization.