Into the winter, like spring-Yilede Mountain climbing competition completed successfully

2013 New Year's Day, in order to enrich the staff life, improve staff quality, enhance the exchanges and communication between departments, our company in the Soup Valley National Forest Park held a mountain climbing competition.

The competition takes each department as the unit, uses the time form, according to the stipulation route, first arrives at the finishing station the department staff, the first place, by analogy, selects second and third place.

Although has entered the winter, but the enthusiasm of all staff, and some with children's staff, but also to the force, the children do not show any weakness, defeated the cold winter, defeated their own.

I saw the winter slightly lonely Qinling mountain, with the Yilede of the battle banner, with the Easy Lai de people's laughter, with life ~ ~ ~

After three hours, the entry of the Yi-Tak entrants continued to arrive at the designated destination, and finally, the integrated department to the absolute advantage of the victory over other departments, made this mountain climbing competition.

Good, Easy Lai de integrated department, good, Easy Ryder staff!