With a dream, to a say go on the trip—advanced Staff Chengdu Tour

May 2012, the company's advanced staff to travel to the beautiful Chengdu.The company's advanced staff packed their bags, packing good mood,

A trip to say "go" …

The next morning arrived in Chengdu, was shocked by the scenery of Chengdu, as has been living in the north, is another taste,

In particular, the legendary beauty of Chengdu, to see exactly, of course, certainly not the food of Chengdu.

In this mountain around the city, the city attached to the mountains, there will always be some unexpected surprises, such as the rainy, but also the beauty of the time.

In the climb Emei Mountain, the foot of the hill or cloudy suitable for mountain climbing weather, when the peak is raining, giving people another feeling.

Appreciating the priceless treasures of nature, the camera can't stop, for fear of missing the endless beauty.

The mood suddenly enlightened, discard the multifarious affairs in the life, wash the mood.

After a week of travel, the staff reluctantly, on the way back, still holding the camera constantly looking at the photos, these frames in a good moment,

will also become a permanent memory, Goodbye, Chengdu, Goodbye ~ ~