Case of Titanium anode for Steel plate galvanized

The cold rolling of Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. imported a steel plated galvanizing unit with a production capacity of 300,000 tons abroad.

Elade provides titanium anodes for the production of this unit, and providing the anode assembly and subsequent maintenance of the production line.

All components of Ti anode substrate provided by Elde use TA1 (according to GB/T 3620.1) pure titanium material, the anode plate size is 2000×1000×5mm, the front surface is coated with antimony coating, and the back surface is in contact with the titanium copper rod.

Plating solution:H2SO4

pH:1 to 2

Temperature: 65°C

Current density: 100 A/dm2, total current ≥50000 Kah/m2

Life:more than 2 year