Case of Titanium anode rods for swirl electrolysis equipment

Customer Name: Guangdong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
Application Scale: 92 electrolyzers, 20 in each group
Specification size: 8 inches, cathode stainless steel tube size: φ219mm; anode size: φ82mm
Working environment: Chloride ion concentration ≤ 50ppm, H2SO4 concentration 180-200g/L, current ≤ 600A.
Uses: Multi-segment swirling electrospray to remove impurities, deposit copper powder or copper plate.
Service life: 18 months
Delivery cycle: 20 days
Availability: New custom anode assembly, repair overcoating, replacement of inactive anodes

anode for swirl electrolysis equipmentanode for swirl electrolysis equipment

As a supplier of swirling electrolytic titanium anode rods, Elade has custom-made multiple precious metal oxide coating spiral electrolytic titanium anode rods with a purity of 99.9% based on the customer’s actual working conditions. Save energy and reduce consumption by 30%. At present, the project is in good condition.