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Case of Platinum plated anode for Chrome plating

Elade provided the platinum plated titanium anodes for the chrome plating production line of a metal surface treatment Co., Ltd. in Anhui Province. The substrate of the platinum-plated titanium anode was a pure titanium rod, and the surface was plated with platinum, the process was an acidic aqueous solution electroplated with platinum, and the thickness of the platinum plating layer was 2 μm. The anode life is more than one year.

The main products of the plant are chrome-plated exhaust pipes for European and American luxury cars. The barrel exhaust pipe of the luxury car requires a very high chrome plating process. Not only does the outer surface of the exhaust pipe require a high-quality chrome plating layer, but also the inner surface of the tail pipe of the exhaust pipe requires 100 % area covers bright chrome plating. Therefore, it is necessary to install an insoluble anode on the hanger, and the anode undergoes electrochemical degreasing, ultrasonic cleaning, and pre-plating of nickel with the hanger. These processing steps all have an adverse effect on the life of the anode and require the application of long-lived insoluble anodes.