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Case of Anode for electrolysis Aluminium Foil

Project: Improved product line of aluminum foil production workshop

Address: Sichuan

Product: High Pressure Foil

Product use: mainly used in aluminum electrolytic capacitors

technical requirements:

(1) Electrolyte type: Ammonium adipate system

(2) Electrolyte concentration: 100±25g/L

(3) Electrolyte PH: 3-7

(4) Electrolyte temperature: <45°C

(5) current density ≤ 1000

(6) Service life≥18 months

According to customer’s specific requirements, our company adopts industrial pure titanium TA1 as titanium anode base material, and the coating system is yttrium system mixed precious metal oxide coating. Titanium anode coating has been tested in the laboratory for enhanced life span of 21 days.

Titanium anode in the power supply tank in the actual operating voltage drop of about 15V-20V, the anode coating has a high electrocatalytic efficiency, the precipitation potential is low, the slot voltage is also reduced, for the customer to reduce energy consumption by about 20%, increased Productivity, cost savings, and long-term partnership with the customer.