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Run, Easy Ryder-2014 New Year's Day special edition

Run, Easy Ryder.

    Time flies, such as fleeting, we have experienced a full of taste of the 2014, together ushered in a hopeful 2015 years.

In such a national celebration of the day, I wish the company all staff, I wish all the new and old friends, in the new Year, good health, work smoothly, happy family!

  The past year, is a hard work of the year, is to strive for a year, but also the company is proud of the year.

The broad masses of staff, along the direction of the development of the company, conscientious, hard work, love and dedication, towards the common goal and forge ahead together, and achieved great results.

  "Tian Xing Jian, a gentleman to self-improvement", in the face of arduous and onerous tasks, facing increasingly fierce market competition,

We will strengthen the sense of hardship, hard work, the courage to face the challenges, seize the opportunity to seek truth from facts, with the Times, and jointly create a new situation of company development!

Chasing the Dream Road, we run up ~ ~ ~ ~


Staff message

  Innovation is the theme of the development of the Times, innovation is our pursuit of the pace forever, the future, we will have the core technology for the company's development escort!–Technical Department

  The new Year, new challenges, new opportunities, we should be in danger, face the challenges, continue to open up the market, I wish Yilede's performance again create brilliance!–Sales Department

  No higher than the mountain, no longer than the foot of the road, the success of the road there is no shortcut, work hard, sway sweat, struggle on the way we together!–Production Department

  The new year is about to begin, I hope all staff swing, to maintain a good spirit, solidarity, so that the work of Easy Ryder to a higher level!–General Department

  I wish all the staff a happy new year, chasing the road running up the dream, waist pack up!–Finance Department