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2011 Yi Lai de spring get-together

In order to meet the new year, let the staff with a more full enthusiasm he continued to devote to work.

At the same time in order to summarize the results, improve the lack of recognition of contributing staff, enhance corporate cohesion,

After the company's research decision, held 2012 annual work summary recognition and "Easy Lai Tak Spring Festival" activities.

The event is held in the Changan District of Xi ' an east town hot spring Holiday Center.

Activities are divided into three parts: summary recognition, fraternity, stylistic activities.

In summing up the commendation, the company general manager Mr. Wu Xiaoyu in the last year the entire company's mission completion situation and the company operation situation carried on the summary,

Put forward the insufficiency and the improvement measure, hoped each department should continue to maintain the good working condition in the future work, the improvement insufficiency,

Strive for greater development of the Yi-de.Then they rewarded the employees who had outstanding performance in the previous year, hoping they would rashness

Continue to glow in the work, for the staff to do a role model.In the subsequent fellowship activities, the various departments carried out performances,

Comprehensive department to self-play sketch, Laugh constantly, won the audience warm applause, and finally won the panel of Favor, won the first place this year.

The second day of the sports activities, various departments spontaneously organized badminton, table tennis, swimming activities.

In a happy and relaxing atmosphere, this year's get-together to complete the curtain.

Members of the staff in good spirits, I believe that the Yi people will continue to maintain full enthusiasm in the next year,

Contribute to the development of the company's own a strength, refueling, easy Lai Tak, refueling, easy Ryder people!