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Quality is the lifeline of enterprise-Yilede pacesetter Workshop

Quality has always been the lifeline of enterprise survival and development.This is particularly true in the electrode industry.Yilede since the establishment of 10 years, orders more than 95% are customized, customized materials, size and use, the basic customer can not share a product.

If the product quality is not qualified, then the cost of the finished product will be wasted.

This requires that the easy Ryder must reach a high rate of acceptance of products, and in the absence of inventory, must be fast delivery, popular say is good and fast.

Yilede in strict accordance with the iso9001:2008 "Quality Management system Requirements" standard production, the requirements of their own products to achieve a passing rate of 92% or more, and every year to continuously upgrade.

This is the quality closely related to the excellent team-coating pacesetter Group, their one-time acceptance rate has reached more than 98%.

Pacesetter Group has 5 members, the old monitor state, coating pacesetter-Ya, the association with the vanguard-Crystal and Chong.

In fact, each post is very ordinary, this team unity and cooperation, is easy to cast platinum gold quality of solid strength.