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The third knowledge competition of Yi-Lai

On the afternoon of November 4, 2015, our company held the third Yilede knowledge competition to complete the curtain.The competition is attended by company leaders, players, and employees.

The competition of the group, the collection of professional knowledge of titanium anode, production, technical quality, product knowledge, management system, fire safety and literature common sense, and other topics, rich, illustrated, to promote mutual exchange of staff learning, lack of understanding, improve their knowledge and self-cultivation.Competition set five teams, two judges, a scorer, divided into three rounds of competition, the first round of various departments will answer, the second round of the answer, the third round of risk problems.Will answer more for the basic knowledge, grab the answer will play the atmosphere to climax, the risk of a showdown, the atmosphere tense.Competition on the field, the contestants serious thinking, calm, positive answer, with professional knowledge and humorous commentary, won the field bursts of applause.The competition set up the audience interaction problem, the outside staff active answer, think tank mutual discussion, cheer, study atmosphere is strong.

After the fierce competition, our sales department finally won the first prize of the competition by a slight advantage over the technical department, and the technical department and the integrated department won the second and third place respectively.The competition is in order, although the curtain falls smoothly, but there are also deficiencies in the future competition, we should be more fully prepared for the staff to provide a better learning atmosphere, look forward to the next fight!