Yilede Dream, our dream-Yilede 2016 annual Summary Commendation and Spring Festival Association

January 20, 2017, is the winter, easy to Levin staff but warm heart, full of anticipation, the annual Yi Lai de "Spring Festival" in the "Ling Dance Villa" held as scheduled.

In the 2016 annual work summary and Advanced Commendation, the Department of the previous year to sum up,

Find the deficiencies, put forward improvement, scientific and reasonable planning for the New Year's work.

2016, the company has sprung up a group of work due diligence, love the excellent staff,

They in the ordinary post, silently pay for the development of Yilede to contribute their own strength,

The company called on all staff to the advanced staff on par, everyone as "advanced", in the new year, the sleeves to refuel dry!

After summarizing Commendation, Yi Lai de "Spring Festival Gala" opened the curtain, this year's theme "Chinese Dream, Yilede Dream, our dream".

Each department meticulously prepares the program, turns on the stage.Sales of the elite to jump up the health of the rhythm of the melody, rhythm strong movements, caused the audience bursts of cheers.

Humorous poetry recitation, with authentic Shaanxi dialect, ridicule social phenomenon, let people laugh, more is thoughtful.


Beautiful yoga Dance "dowager" and the integrated Department of modern Dance "dark Incense", dance, and the atmosphere to the climax.


Workshop workers ingenuity, the use of spare time to do a costume designer, to a big challenge, funny fashion show caused the audience bursts of laughter.

The three science and technology sign language performance "the Heart of Thanksgiving" conveys positive energy and a loving heart.

In the program, interspersed by the lottery link, but also to let the scene enthusiastic, excited.

Gathering time is always short, easy Lai de "Spring Festival Gala" in a laughter and the curtain fell,

All staff are encouraged, I believe that everyone will be in the new year, the sleeves to refuel dry, with a new face to greet the new year.