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The 10 anniversary of the establishment of the Yi Rai-all the way, thanks for having you

All the way, thanks for having you

        –The 10 anniversary celebration of the Easy Ryder

2016, Yilede 10 years old, with memories and longing, all the way, experience wind and rain, finally see the rainbow …

In the 10 anniversary of the establishment of the Yi-Tak, the company led the research decision, February 1 3rd in Baoji County, Taibai Mountain Leisure Resort District held Yilede 2015 Annual Summary of awards and 10 anniversary celebration activities.

Summing up experience, improve the lack of recognition of advanced, motivate staff, enhance corporate cohesion.Summing up commendation, Wu Zong did the 2015 annual work summary and issued a ceremony speech.

The company for the 2015 outstanding staff and advanced collectives for commendation, and issued a Certificate of Honor and prizes, and dedicated to the company to make contributions to the old staff for commendation, rewarded the "treasure handed down-golden key, gold rose Pendant",

Thanks to them for their dedication and contribution to the company, employees are inspired and encouraged.

In the celebrations after the event, my company staff enthusiasm, active participation in the performance of the program carefully prepared, production workshop with a dance of Yangge "flying off" opened the prelude to the celebrations;

Sales of the beauty of the performance of the sketch "The new White Snake legend" lines of wacky, hilarious audience, earn enough applause; Integrated department Shingli self-play Allegro "Kua Yilede" close to reality, vivid, humorous.

Integrated Department of a yoga dance is also won the field bursts of applause, and achieved the first place in the program.


The scene is also a wonderful interactive game links, the various departments actively participate in the enrollment, fight to the full, a high level.

Specially designed lottery links, but also to the celebration of the climax of the event!

In a song "Tomorrow Will be better" the whole company group Chorus, the celebration of the curtain.

On the third day of the trip, the group went skiing at the Taibai ski resort, the winter of Taibai, with a natural ski resort, everyone put on equipment and pose well.

After a variety of self-portraits, finally overcome the fear, challenge themselves, rushed to the ski field, suddenly, bursts of "screams sound".

It is not so much a ski resort as it is a "wrestling field", and the posture of the fall is a strange one.

Gorgeous fall is better than unnecessary wandering, only experienced fall, climb up, can grasp the essentials, all the way to the end …

Ten years of grinding a sword, out of the sheath due to the joint efforts of all staff in the Yi-tak, to "customer first, technical innovation" for the purpose, seize the opportunity, not afraid of challenges, thick and thin hair,

Yilede development will be flourishing, more brilliant!