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Flying Dreams, passionate youth-Yilede staff badminton competition

In order to enrich the staff business life, enhance staff physique, our company in Badminton Hall held the staff badminton competition.

Players from various departments of the company participated in the competition, the competition set men, women's singles, men and women's doubles, divided into the preliminary and final two parts, to various departments for the unit draw a decision against the contestants.

On the game, the contestants are ready to play, the referee and the scoreboard are in charge, and a wonderful game is about to be staged.

The contestants were wearing lightweight athletic suits and nimble badminton shuttling back and forth in the air,

Let people dizzying, from time to time came bursts of cheers or sighs, white badminton is like electrocardiogram, always affect everyone's heart.

In particular, the men's singles competition, directly to the atmosphere of the climax, cheerleading enthusiasm, in a cheering and shouting,

Technical Quality Department Wu defeated the production department Qin Xiaodong won the championship, Wang Zhaoji won the women's singles championship, three science and technology to a slight advantage over the integrated department won the team championship.

This competition has further enriched the staff business life, promoted the staff fitness movement development, has promoted each department and the staff exchanges and the communication.